Holiday Home Considerations

Although the demand for holiday homes in South Africa lost some momentum at the start of last year, according to the FNB Holiday Town House Price Index for February 2018, a renewed year-on-year growth acceleration was demonstrated in the results of the last half of 2017. In fact, the demand for holiday homes in South […]

Who pays the difference?

Good health care is not always easily obtainable and quickly becomes a costly experience. Many people who have health cover policies sometimes expect to have more cover than their policy actually includes, and they are saddled with high shortfall bills; they land up paying the difference between the medical cover rate, and the cost of […]

Time to Review your Medical Cover

Towards the end of every year, many medical schemes announce their annual contribution increases for the following year. This makes these last few months of 2018 the perfect time to review your cover and make any necessary amendments, as, until the start of December, most medical aid providers will allow you to change plans or […]

Make a Mental Note

“Without mental health there can be no true physical health” – Dr Brock Chisholm, the first Director-General of the World Health Organisation (WHO) Dr Brock Chisholm was a psychiatrist who asserted the notion that mental and physical health are linked, and an increasing amount of evidence highlights the impact that mental illnesses — particularly depression […]

The Lowdown on Inheritance and Donations Tax

Understanding how your (or your loved one’s) possessions and wealth are treated when you pass away is crucial to how you plan for what will happen to them. This blog is aimed at breaking down an incredibly paper-heavy, jargon-filled process! When a taxpayer dies, all their assets are placed in an estate, which is commonly […]

Severe illness cover

Each year, about a million people need to stop working due to an illness or a debilitating injury. Yet, according to an article published in The Times, only 10% of people have severe illness cover. A severe illness is a medical condition that prevents you from leading your normal life, and the life industry covers […]

Avoid crippling your finances

It is highly likely that one of your biggest assets is your earning power. It is vital to protect this asset and ensure you maintain a steady salary until you have reached your financial goals. Many people take a head-in-sand approach when it comes to income protection, believing that they’ll never be inflicted with a […]

Your health is your wealth

“It is health that is your real wealth” — Mahatma Gandhi Many entrepreneurs and ambitious people are concerned with climbing the career ladder and building their wealth. However, as you get older or suffer bouts of illness, you will start to appreciate the true value of your health and not take it for granted. Although […]

Females and Finance

This Thursday, 9th August is National Women’s Day, which marks the historic moment on 9th August 1956 when 20,000 South African women of all races showed that they would not be intimidated by unjust laws when they marched to Pretoria’s Union Buildings to present a petition to the prime minister against the carrying of passes. […]

Retirement 101

Creating your long-term saving goals (this is retirement for many people) is not something that you can simply decide on the spot – and often, these goals may change over time. Before you even get into some of the technicalities of long-term saving strategies, as we will cover in this blog, you need to know […]