More about your money story

Money is more than just a tool for transactions; it’s an emotional force intertwined with our identities, values, and sense of self-worth. Our money story is a tapestry of beliefs and experiences that shape our financial behaviours and attitudes. By exploring different elements of our money story, we can better understand our emotional connection to […]

Investing with Heart and Mind

Embarking on and sticking to your investment journey requires a solid understanding of financial principles and an appreciation for the emotional roller coaster that comes with it. Asset allocation, a crucial component of investing, is about striking the right balance between risk and reward to achieve your financial goals. As you consider different allocations, it’s […]

A short (not too boring) story about interest rates

This is the ancient tale of how interest rates change and the forces that shape their destiny. Once upon a time, in the land of economic stability, the ever-changing interest rates kept weaving tales of prosperity and struggle. Central banks, the guardians of monetary stability, navigated the twists and turns of economic indicators, seeking the […]

Rising Above the Red

The rise of over-indebtedness is a growing concern not only locally but also for individuals across the globe. Legal action and bad credit records due to non-payment can have serious consequences on people’s financial well-being. In 2022, consumers in South Africa failed to honour a collective debt of R2.8 billion. Similarly, other countries have been […]

Don’t ditch your insurance

In the current economic climate, a growing number of individuals are experiencing financial strain due to the escalating cost of living and rising interest rates. As a result, many are looking for ways to reduce their expenses in order to maintain a balanced budget. Insurance premiums, often perceived as an expendable cost, are among the […]

Time to think about money – Part 1

Discussing finances can be a daunting task, especially when emotions run high. It’s important to remember that there’s a human element behind every financial decision – our dreams, fears, and values. Nancy Kline is an American-born author, business consultant, and personal development coach. She is best known for her Time to Think methodology, which emphasises […]

Stay motivated and committed to change

Staying motivated to change can be a challenge! It’s too easy to fall into old patterns and habits.  It can be difficult to remain committed to change because change can be a complex process that requires effort, discipline, and perseverance. Sometimes, people need more motivation to change, and with a clear and compelling reason, it […]

Thinking, feeling and acting

Thinking, feeling, and acting are interrelated processes that shape our behaviour, and they often become so habitual in our busy lives that we are no longer mindful of them. We lose control of being intentional about the direction our lives are taking – and this often shows up in our finances. Therefore, it is important […]

Are you ready to reduce digital distractions?

Do you often reach the end of your day and feel like, regardless of how busy you’ve been, you still don’t feel productive? It’s all too easy to begin our day in our emails and allow all the interruptions of ‘urgent messages’ to run our entire day. These digital distractions can seriously affect our productivity. […]

Five tips for investing this year

People have a wide range of feelings and perspectives regarding investing. Some view investing as a way to grow wealth and secure a financial future, while others may view it as too risky or complex. Some of us are confident in our investment knowledge and feel comfortable making decisions independently, while others prefer to seek […]