Your finances can use some spring cleaning as much as your house does. Last week we went over some budgeting and account handling ideas, this week we continue with some more ways to get you feeling financially refreshed…

Review recurring costs
We become accustomed to recurring fees to a point of comfort. Maybe it is time to shop around for better rates on your car insurance, cell phone plan and other subscriptions. You will have a chance to review the services that you actually utilise and shed unnecessary costs by changing to more concise plans.

Assess insurance coverage
When was the last time that you evaluated your homeowners or life insurance policies? You may need to upgrade your life insurance if you’ve recently had a child or received a significant raise since life insurance coverage is usually based on your income. As construction costs rise you may also need to upgrade your homeowners insurance policy. Check up on your policy documents to ensure that you have adequate coverage.

Organise paperwork
This will help you spring clean both your home and your finances. Take time to sort through your paperwork and files and shred any documents that you no longer require (to protect any sensitive information).

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