Six Step Financial Planning Process

[dropcap2]1[/dropcap2]Introductory consultation
Building a trusting relationship is the first step in creating the financial future you dream about. Being comfortable with your financial planner is essential to building a trusting relationship where you are happy to share information and ask questions. If you have any concerns or have had any bad experiences in the past you should feel free to discuss these.
[dropcap2]2[/dropcap2]Gathering data and setting your financial goals
Part of the first consultation is getting to know you. This involves looking at the details of your current situation and discussing your objectives and financial goals for the future.
[dropcap2]3[/dropcap2]Assessment of your current financial status
Your personal financial situation, including your current assets, liabilities, income and expenses, will be assessed. Your tax situation as well as your wishes around your estate (how you’d like your beneficiaries to be protected and your assets to be preserved in the event of your death) will also be evaluated so that your personal financial plan can be tailored accordingly. Similarly, any existing investments or policies you may have will be evaluated and included in your plan.
[dropcap2]4[/dropcap2]Your financial plan for life
No two financial plans are identical. Having discussed your particular circumstances and desires, we will design a plan to help you realise your ideal financial future. And after discussing the details and making any necessary adjustments, your plan will carry your personal stamp of approval.
[dropcap2]5[/dropcap2]Carrying out your plan
The advice and recommendations of your plan will be discussed with you and adjusted, prioritised and implemented at your discretion and with your consent. Our team of dedicated staff will ensure that implementing your plan is hassle free.
[dropcap2]6[/dropcap2]Adapting to stay on track
Financial planning is not a once-off exercise. To stay in tune and on track with your ever evolving personal goals and the changes in your life, we will constantly monitor and adjust your personal plan in consultation with you. At the very least we would suggest an annual meeting where you’ll be kept up to date and informed on the progress of your investments and the status of your financial plan.Nike Air Max

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