Rest. Relax. It’s all in the mind.

Experts say that you need at least 14 days of leave from work in order to begin to properly relax. But often that is a luxury few of us get to enjoy. I’m not referring to leave where we still have access to our emails and check them once a day or have a phone call or two from the office here and there.

I mean a complete break, with zero work contact.

This means that many of us need to find ways to relax ‘faster’, and hope that we can rest in the time that we have off. You don’t have to pay for a holiday at the coast, or go to luxury spas.

You can focus on getting your mind into a restful, relaxed space so that you can recharge.

READ A NEW BOOK Our digital environments lead us to experiencing most of our reading on a backlit screen. This is not restful, and is not relaxing. If you want to read for leisure, a paper book, that has the smell and feel of your old school library, is a sure way to start resetting your emotional, cognitive and spiritual center.

PAINT/GARDEN/BUILD Creating something out of the ordinary is a superb way to bring yourself back to your own self-energising state by making something that never existed before. It could be a painting of a landscape from your memory, or maybe you create something new in your garden by planting some new shrubs and flowers and decorating with some natural wood or rusted iron sculptures.

Maybe you can start a project with your kids where you build a dolls house, or a model plane or a cardboard fort that fills the whole garden.

When last were you able to listen to some music without any
interruptions? I don’t mean when you are driving in the car, or working at your computer, or have it on in the background whilst cooking.

I mean; lying on your back, your eyes closed, and the music playing.

Whether it’s old music that brings memories flooding back, or brand new music that creates new memories, if you are able to stick those headphones in, take 30 minutes to yourself where you lie absolutely still and listen, you will find your brain will start to disconnect from work and explore new thoughts that will leave you inspired and feeling rested!

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