Mother knows best… what moms can teach you about money

It seems fitting that May hosts both Workers’ Day and Mother’s Day… because who works harder than Mom? A mother is always there when needed, always willing to see the best in you and is a constant source of comfort and wisdom.

And quite often, she knows a thing or two about money too.

Mom would say: ‘You can be anything you want to be…’

Mothers hear every aspiration, from astronaut to movie-star all the way to wanting to settle down or get an MBA. And she believes you can do all of it. Why not follow her advice, financially, and set some audaciously big goals for the next ten years?

Complacency kills passion, which kills productivity. So dream big and chase some wild horses!

Mom would say: ‘Hold your horses!’

Your mind may be running wild with new dreams now, thanks to Mom, but remember that these things take time. In the meantime, balance your head and heart to make rational yet passionate decisions; don’t let those wild horses run away, keep them in check! Mom will often advise you to follow your heart, but what moms do is rather a masterstroke of loving fully and at the same time not throwing away responsibility, patience or the mindset of others’ dreams being important too.

Mom would say: ‘There there… does it hurt?’

Sometimes when you risk in life, you fall down. The more worthy a goal is, usually, the more attempts it takes to succeed. When we fell and hurt ourselves as children, we knew we could run to Mom and she’d know what to do. Often, she knew that ‘time heals all wounds’ and would simply comfort you until the pain was gone. Now that you’re older, the pain of more complex things like a failed business or money troubles can seem like it’ll never heal. Take a moment, allow yourself to feel what you’re feeling and try to learn the lessons that came with the fall. And yes, it’s still okay to talk to your Mom about it.

Mom would say: ‘Always look on the bright side.’

It’s true – in life the only thing you truly have control over is your attitude. Just one thing, but that one thing makes all the difference in the world. This is often said by the same mom who would say things like ‘don’t cry over spilled milk’ and, too, is true. There is good and bad in every circumstance, but those who pay more attention to the good and learn from the bad while not over analysing it tend to enjoy life more.

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