Crack the ice ahead of you

Spring is around the corner – bringing newness, freshness and invigoration. After a long winter, it’s easy to find your attitude has iced-over! Here’s how to crack the ice going forward…

Remind yourself of the plan and direction you have

Without a plan, we are completely lost. Having a solid strategy in place establishes our priorities. Having a plan makes the decision-making process so much easier. If all we have to do is ask ourselves, “Does this aid me on the path to achieving my goal?” then the answer is usually quite straightforward.

A plan shows us where we are going, but more importantly; it shows us how far we’ve come. The very act of making a plan turns an idea into a tangible goal!

Leverage the Support of Those Around You

Surrounding yourself with the right kind of people can be the difference between success and failure. Researchers at Harvard did a study in 2007 that analyzed a social network of 12,000 people, they found that your likelihood of eating unhealthily increased by almost 60% if you had friends who also started eating unhealthily. If our social circles can have such a profound physical effect on us, imagine the financial and mental implications of having positive support from our peers!

It is important to have people around us that we can trust with our plans and bounce ideas off of. People who can hold us accountable when our progress grows stagnant.

Prepare to overcome obstacles

Nobody ever did anything worth doing without failing first. When psychologists talk about the fear of failure (or atychiphobia), what they’re really talking about is the fear of shame.

It isn’t a lack of desire that keeps us from taking a step forward, it’s an unwillingness to find out if we truly have what it takes. This brings us back to the importance of a plan. We can get caught up in fantastic ideas about what the future might hold, but without a plan those ideas are nothing more than a vague possibility. Having a plan and direction breaks our grand schemes down into achievable goals. It sets us up for success by toppling the dominoes over one at a time.

If you’ve lost sight of your plans or are in need of some direction – let’s chat!