Tax practitioner services

Filing a tax return can be confusing and time consuming, particularly if you have more than one source of income or are eligible for several deductions. As frustrating as bureaucracy can sometimes be, expressing your irritation to anyone at SARS will probably not get you far. If any issues arise, it’s best to contact SARS […]

Financial yoga

You don’t have to be able to do a headstand or salute the sun every day to appreciate the benefits of yoga. Now, this isn’t to say that everyone needs to start a daily practice, but it can be helpful to recognise that we can learn a lot from this ancient discipline. When you practice […]

5 tax return tips

Brace yourself — the start of income tax season is nigh, which means it’s time to prepare to file your tax return. It’s worth always trying to submit your tax return sooner rather than later, as being efficient can save you standing in line at SARS at the last minute if any problems arise. As […]

What you need to know about tax season

Along with the chill of winter, the opening of income tax season next month may send shivers down your spine. The official date from which you can file your tax return (ITR12) this year is Sunday, 1st July 2018. From that point, taxpayers can start submitting their 2018 personal income tax returns for the 2017/18 […]

Why invest in a Retirement Annuity?

IT’S TAX DEDUCTIBLE! But why is that important? (Other than providing less money for Zuma and his troop to squander as they please). You pay less tax – If you earn R20,000pm you owe SARS R2797.85pm or R33,574.20pa. If you contributed R1,000pm to an RA your tax drops to R2537.85, a saving of R260pm or […]

Easy tax-claim tips to keep you ahead!

Bank statements, municipal bills, phone bills, petrol slips, receipts, the list goes on. It’s that time of year again, when you have to forage through stacks of paper for everything that you need to fill in your tax return.Not everyone is great at admin… and there are piles of things to keep track of; it […]


With the introduction of tax free savings accounts (TFSA), people have been wondering what sort of benefits they provide. So what are the main reasons to consider a TFSA?The first reason would be to replace the interest exemption in our tax laws. It was specifically stated that with the introduction of the TFSA, there would […]


“Today’s budget is constrained by the need to consolidate our public finances, in the context of slower growth and rising debt.” said Minister of Finance, Nhlanhla Nene. Giving the budget speech was a far from enviable job in light of the huge government spending deficit that needs to be recovered. The speech was a short […]


When it comes to listing our fears, many people might cite spiders, thunderstorms and clowns as their top three. But for many of us we have to deal with SARS more frequently than clowns, however ironic that may sound, and dealing with SARS can be quite a scary thought! During the next tax season, which […]


Last week Pravin Gordhan, Finance Minister to President Jacob Zuma, delivered his final budget speech for the current administration.  Financial gurus, economists, financial planners and all those money-astute, sat rapt and listened with educated ears to the updated blueprints for South Africa’s future. This blog is not written with them in mind, but rather for […]