One of the reasons that I have my blog and Facebook page is that this industry changes about as regularly as the price of petrol. A financial solution that we relied on five years ago may still apply, but it also may not. There may be better options, better approaches; better products, for your needs. This is a place for me to share some of the newer ways of looking at financial planning.

When it comes to dread disease cover, which in itself is a relatively new kid on the block, and not something pleasant to consider, I have a new way of approaching the way that we could structure your plan.
According to actuaries (clever people at the life insurance companies) statistics show that 80% of the time, it’s the SECOND heart attack that kills you, not the first one…

So what could this mean?

Well, simply, it helps us reconsider how we plan for possible eventualities for which we can provide financial protection and provision. By arranging your life policies in a creative and strategic manner, we can plan for the provision of a lump sum of cash when a potential heart attack, stroke or cancer diagnosis becomes a reality – so that you can buy back some time in order to change your lifestyle.

Anyone can change their diet, but changing your lifestyle needs money.

Changing your lifestyle might include special treatments, less working hours, costly health equipment or extra staff to assist with tasks that you can no longer fulfill – either temporarily or permanently.

I can help you plan to protect your income and have additional income provided, should you need it. The stats assure us that it’s not if but when we may need the money.

By simply leaving your premium in the bank, you fund shareholder dividends instead of your own family’s financial security. Instead of funding expensive branches and ATM machines, let’s use the money to reposition your family balance sheet and increase your protection.